Q: What are Invisible Cosmic Zebras?

Q: What are Invisible Cosmic Zebras?

A. Invisible Cosmic Zebras are those invisible "friends" in your life (chronic pain, an invisible illness, syndrome, disease or injury) that you have come to acknowledge and accept as lifelong companions. Invisible Cosmic Zebras are unique and different from each other and nobody knows exactly what they look like because they are invisible. Invisible Cosmic...

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Current Offer: FREE Coloring Book

Current Offer: FREE Coloring Book

Receive a free copy of Doodle Dots Coloring Books when you purchase two or more books on this website.
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Current Offer: Draw Your ICZ To Receive a 20% Discount

Current Offer: Draw Your ICZ To Receive a 20% Discount

Who's feeling creative? If you draw a picture of your Invisible Cosmic Zebra and post it on one of your social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, anywhere else), I'll send you a 20% discount coupon to use when you purchase any book on this website. All you have to do is send me a link to your picture and I'll send you the coupon.
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Invisible Cosmic Zebra Action Alert

Invisible Cosmic Zebra Action Alert

Dear Invisible Cosmic Zebra Tamers,

Our healthcare is in jeopardy. Please call, email and tweet the message below to every U.S. Senator.




Thank you,
Kitanie Books

Dear POTUS and U.S. Senators:
Please give people with pre-existing conditions, and all Americans, a "public-option" or "single-payer" choice to join Medicare.

(Add your name) and my Invisible Cosmic Zebra with a pre-existing condition

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Invisible Cosmic Zebra Collection Book Reviews

"The 'Invisible Cosmic Zebra' books are AMAZING! If you have an invisible illness and haven't checked out Jessie Riley's story/website you're missing out on extremely valuable resources. I am beyond impressed with the 'caretaker workbooks' and admire the heart Jessie has put into all of her work. Thank you Jessie for your dedication, valuable insight and creativeness! You've found a way to make having an ICZ (Invisible Cosmic Zebra) fun!??" (Ashley, Conquering EDS, Age 24)

"Wasn't feeling good today so I curled up on the couch and colored. These books are amazing! Every zebra, spoonie, etc. needs these books! (Anna, The Artsy Zebra, Age 13)

"Brilliant! WOW! I LOVE IT!! It's perfect. It has exactly what is needed when you feel that ill. You really captured it. Written by a true cosmic zebra tamer." (Kim, Licensed LCSW)

"I have a chronic illness myself but also am a child life e-volunteer. Your books are truly going to make a difference in the years to come. I wish I had such a book when I was in my pediatric years." (Katrina, Age 24) 

"I am absolutely in love with these books!" -Laura K.

"These books are amazing! I suffer from depression. My 8 year old son has anxiety and OCD and I know that he would benefit from these books. I think it would be great if EVERY CLASSROOM has them for kids to learn about this and understand better that illness is not always visible." -Sarah A.

"I'm a huge believer in making time for journaling, reading and creating. This book allowed me to discover and organize so much about myself, my condition, my doctors, my support community and additional techniques that I was not aware of. If you know someone with a chronic condition, share this to help!" -Ashley P.

"You've thought through nearly every aspect of how your ICZ affects your life and ways to live positively. Thank you for this gift." -Megan B.

"I suffer from a couple of invisible illnesses and so does my daughter, these would all be great to have!!" -Lynda C.

"Fantastic books (I have many zebras of my own) could've done with these years ago!" - Amanda R.

"What an innovative idea, not only children would benefit from them, but adults. I would get the fibromyalgia and arthritis books, which would help my granddaughter understand why I can’t do much sometimes." -Marilyn M.

"Two members in our family have Type 1 Diabetes, so these books are wonderful – thank you!" -T. Clarke

"I have bad anxiety and am always under a lot of stress, coloring helps quite a bit!" -Leslie C.

"I know someone who has POTS, I suffer from migraines and so do both of my kids, I also have arthritis. There are so many people that suffer from invisible illnesses and so many people that really don’t understand these illnesses." -Vikki B.

"Loving this!!! I so wish I had one of these when I was a teen!!" - A.M.

"My son has Type 1 Diabetes since he was 20 months old. He is now 32 and has Celiacs with a heart transplant. My daughter has IBS since she had Cancer at 7 and she loves to color so she would enjoy these books!" -Laurie N.

"I suffer from a couple of invisible illnesses and so does my daughter, these would be great to have!!" -Lynda C. 

"Awesome! A lot of people usually try and force different opinions/treatments and you're the opposite! Thank you for being such an inspiration!" - H.D.