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Invisible Cosmic Zebra Collection Gives a Little Dose of Lightheartedness to the Seriousness of Living With Chronic, Invisible Illnesses

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY, September 26, 2016— Jessie Riley, author of The Invisible Cosmic Zebra Collection of 18 creative how-to workbooks for 18 invisible illnesses, is making a difference in the lives of people she has never met. She penned the 100-page workbooks to help recently diagnosed patients navigate the unknown, invisible world of invisible illness and to bring hope and humor to the complex reality of living with a chronic, invisible illness.

For more than a decade, Riley struggled with unexplained health issues and the frustration of trying to figure out what was wrong with her body. The fact that she looked perfectly healthy from the outside didn’t help. After being diagnosed with celiac disease, joint hypermobility syndrome and fibromyalgia, and talking to countless others with other invisible illnesses, Riley discovered there’s a universal experience that all patients go through. “No matter which invisible illness you have, everyone has the same question after diagnosis—Now what?”

In her new collection of workbooks, she uses this universal experience she describes as the foundation for her work and then creatively encourages every patient to use creative visualization to imagine their invisible illness as an Invisible Cosmic Zebra that they now have to take care of (possibly for the rest of their lives). “In the days, weeks and months after diagnosis, every patient will have to figure out how to give their Invisible Cosmic Zebra the care and attention it needs and how to explain it to others (who might not think it exists).” There are 11 how-to chapters in the book that highlight the myriad of funny-but-not-so-funny challenges patients might encounter.

Riley’s workbooks can be 100% personalized so patients can fill in their own solutions to basic universal challenges like how-to eat, sleep and travel with an Invisible Cosmic Zebra. “Even though you might have diabetes and I might have fibromyalgia, we'll both have to figure out how to live with these Invisible Cosmic Zebras in the real world—how to socialize with them and how to worry less about with them. But although we might encounter these same challenges, our solutions to overcoming them will all be different."

With her new workbooks, Riley’s a pioneer who’s bringing to light the invisible experience that millions of chronically ill patients live with every day. The Invisible Cosmic Zebra Collection will help newly diagnosed patients, ages teen through young adult, and caregivers/parents of children ages 6-12, better manage their own care. The 100-page workbooks retail for $16.99 and can be found through most online bookstores including and Doctors who work with invisible illness patients can purchase the workbooks at a discount on

The 18 invisible illnesses featured in the collection include allergies, celiac disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, concussion, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s disease, lupus, Lyme disease, migraines, multiple sclerosis, POTS, PTSD, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome and vestibular disorder.

The Invisible Cosmic Zebra Collection is published by Kitanie Books. Kitanie is an award-winning independent publishing house that publishes dynamic collections of coloring books, storybooks and creative how-to workbooks for tweens, teens and young adults. Visit to learn more.

*NEW WORKBOOKS PUBLISHED IN 2017 INCLUDEcancer, dysautonomia, endometriosis, gastroparesis, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease, mast cell activation syndrome, mitochondrial disease, post concussion syndrome, seizure disorder, thyroid disease and ulcerative colitis.