Invisible Illness Art Project (For All Ages)

"Thank you for creating this! It brought so much joy into my life!" - Hannah, 17

What Does Your Invisible Cosmic Zebra Look Like?

Who's feeling creative? Want to make someone smile? Draw or paint a picture of your Invisible Cosmic Zebra to inspire others just like you. Invisible Cosmic Zebras have already been created that have Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, POTS, SVT, Syncope, Dysautonomia And Rheumatoid Arthritis! How awesome is that? Let's keep the awesomeness going...


STEP 1: Re-imagine your illness as an Invisible Cosmic Zebra. If you're not yet sure what Invisible Cosmic Zebras are, start here: What are Invisible Cosmic Zebras?
To draw your Invisible Cosmic Zebra, follow these steps:
  1. Write a list of characteristics/symptoms that you have
  2. Imagine a lovable creature (Hint: It probably won't look like a real zebra)
  3. Imagine that your creature has all of your characteristics/symptoms (This is your Invisible Cosmic Zebra)
  4. Creatively (and colorfully) draw or paint a picture of this creature on a piece of paper

If you have more than one invisible illness, you can either create one Invisible Cosmic Zebra that represents all of them OR you can create a different picture for each illness, sort of like creating your own mini herd of Invisible Cosmic Zebras! 

STEP 2: Take a photo of your artwork. 

STEP 3: Share your artwork publicly on any of your social media accounts to inspire others. (Please tag me @invisiblecosmiczebra so I can be inspired, too! If you don't want to post to your social media, you can email me a photo at jessie and I will post it anonymously to this page to inspire others. If you post it on social media, I will send you a 20% discount coupon to purchase a workbook.)

STEP 4: Learn how to take care of and tame your Invisible Cosmic Zebra inside the workbooks.



If you're not sure how to begin to imagine what your Invisible Cosmic Zebra looks like, ask yourself some questions: What characteristics/symptoms does your Invisible Cosmic Zebra/your invisible illness have? Examples might include: My Invisible Cosmic Zebra is always exhausted. My Invisible Cosmic Zebra has chronic headache, etc. Write a list of characteristics/symptoms that you might want to include in your artwork. Then, imagine a lovable creature in your mind. What does this creature look like? An Invisible Cosmic Zebra doesn't have to look like a real zebra. (It can, if that's what you imagine, but the keyword that should inspire you is COSMIC.) An Invisible Cosmic Zebra is something that you have to take care of so you can imagine it has anything—a cosmic creature, a cosmic pet, a cosmic animal. Then, in your mind, merge your list of characteristics/symtoms with your lovable creature and that's it—this is what your Invisible Cosmic Zebra looks like! 

How would you draw these symptoms?

Feeling tired?
Maybe your Invisible Cosmic Zebra has sloth toes or sleepy eyes.

Have a headache?
Maybe you could draw your Invisible Cosmic Zebra with a really big head because that part of your body seems to be all you worry about.

Do your muscles ache? Are you in pain?
Perhaps your Invisible Cosmic Zebra has bulging muscles that look bigger than they actually are since they take up so much mental space in your life.

Have a stomachache?
Maybe you could draw your Invisible Cosmic Zebra with a giant stomach or maybe you could draw a zoo inside your stomach because it grumbles and growls all the time.

Feeling dizzy?
Maybe your Invisible Cosmic Zebra is tipped over or slanted or off balance.

Need more ideas? Reach out to me on Instagram and I'll gladly give you some more!







This was an IG entry for Lyme Disease, babesia and Bartonella.